The Magic of Christmas in Ireland

There is a magic to Ireland year round, but early in December, the whole island comes alive with another kind of magic: The Holiday Spirit! Twinkling lights and Christmas markets dot the landscape and there's a crispness in the air that enhances the presence of the season.

Custom Ireland's Sara and Niamh share why Christmas in Ireland is magical to them.

I love going home to Cork and the open fire… (I don’t have one of those in Dublin). It’s not just the heat of it (sometimes our house is way too hot!), but it’s the crackle of it, the smell of the wood, the cat stretched out on the rug as we all sit around watching Home Alone or the newest Shrek movie. And it’s about the cold too… the fire wouldn’t be half so good if you didn’t have that cold frosty air outside – filling your lungs with the best of fresh Irish country air! – The air tastes different in Cork (I swear it’s true!!) and when we all arrive home after an evening out… piling out of the 7-seater to rush into the warmth of the house, well I’m quite often hit by the clean crispness of that air… and then I look up and see all the stars stretched above… a black glittering canvas of still, quiet, unassuming beauty, and it takes my breath away. It’s all just a little bit magical really… and I guess that’s what an Irish Christmas is all about!
— Sara Hosford
Christmas for me is all about traditions, from the very start until the New Year, the whole season is just following a pattern that has evolved over the years. These routines include most everything about Christmas: stirring a wish into the pud in late November, putting up the decorations, (youngest person in the house has to put the angel on the top before anything else is put on it), buying and wrapping the gifts (we do a Kris Kindle in my family), the family get-togethers, (one big bash on 23rd, then smaller meals and sessions over the holiday) the sessions with different groups of pals before the big day (one or two blow-outs inevitably) then Christmas Eve drinks and mince pies…. Christmas day we take in the Christmas Swim (Yes, in the sea. Yes, pure madness. My role is to hold the towels!), then Baileys Coffees at my sister’s house. Dinner in late afternoon with more of the family, then loll around until it’s time for a Christmas movie and then a game of cards. St Stephen’s day is pure bliss. A walk to shake off the cobwebs, then back to the fire for more serious lolling. Christmas week is spent going for walks, eating, catching up with family and more friends, until you can’t remember what day it is or much anything else. Pure heaven!
— Niamh McCarthy

 The Custom Ireland team has been capturing moments in and around Dublin the past few weeks and we'd like to share a snapshot of Christmas in Ireland with you! Enjoy!